The CIMT 2015 exhibition held in Beijing, China, was a great success for WTO.

Leading machine tool manufacturers, like DMTG (Dalian), DMG MORI, EMCO, Goodway, Hanwha, Lunan, Scherer and SMTCL (Shenyang) showed their latest technology to the visitors and equipped their Turning Centers with driven precision toolholders from WTO. “We consider us as a partner who provides the latest driven toolholder technology for higher accuracy, better surface finishing and higher productivity”, stated Sascha Tschiggfrei (President WTO).

WTO booth at CIMT 2015 was located in the German Pavilion.

The China International Manufacturing Technology Show (CIMT) 2015 which ran from April 20-25 at the China International Exhibition Center in Beijing had a total registration for the six-day event of over 200,000.

The new i40H with VDI 40 turret was equipped with high performance driven toolholders from WTO.

DMG MORI: NLX 2500/700

Gear Hobbing and Broaching at its best!

The DMG MORI NLX 2500/700 showed maximal productivity using WTO driven precision toolholders with following high lights:
- Gear Hobbing unit for machining gears quality according to standard AGMA 8

- Driven Broaching Unit with up to 1000 strokes per minutes enables the state of the art manufacturing of key ways and splines.

EMCO: Hyperturn 65 Powermill

A high light for visitors at the EMCO booth was the Hyperturn 65 equipped with precision toolholders from WTO.

Goodway: GTZ 2000M

Goodway displayed the new GTZ-2000 with the twin spindles and twin turrets equipped with QuickFlex® driven precision toolholders from WTO.

Hanwha: XD35H

The Swiss Type lathe Hanwha XD35H is using a 3-spindle adjustable angle driven toolholder from WTO for making complex parts.

Lunan: VTC 2040

The vertical Lunan VTC 2040 with BMT 65 twin turret was equipped with QuickFlex® driven precision toolholders from WTO.

Scherer: VDZ 220

Scherer Feinbau is using WTO driven precision toolholders on the VDZ220.

SMTCL: Viva Turn 2

The new Viva Turn 2 with BMT 55 turret is using WTO driven precision toolholders with QuickFlex® quick change system.